Fashion, at its root, is expression. Now, before you say “no shit” or “no it’s not,” let me explain:

Your actions are an extension of your personality, so the action of buying clothes – and that of wearing clothes – is an extension of your personality, too.

This is why there are so many styles and why plain fits very few people. After all, no two people have the same personality – so why would any two people have the same style?

My style, for example, varies based on my mood. If I’m feeling fun and spontaneous, It can be a bright tee shirt with an artistic picture on it, with thin slacks, suspenders, a cardigan, and wayfarer glasses.

If I want to make an impression or have to speak in front of a large group of people (which happens often), it can be a suit, with a blue button down and a floral tie. Generally, it’s a mix of the two. I wear suits with tee shirts, or slacks with button downs and suspenders. I have a wardrobe of HM, Express, Cotton On, Sax, Aldo, and others – which I’ve accumulated over time.

Look at yourself; look at your personality. Then look at what you want people to think when they first see you. Design a wardrobe around these.

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We’ve all heard the advice: “just be yourself.” Usually, we’ve found, following this small adage destroys our chances with girls…. Or does it?


See, when most guys hear the words, they think it means “be nice,” or “be polite.” Now, there’s nothing wrong with that – and, in fact, nice guys can finish first (I’ll write about that soon.)

The issue is when you take the rules of society you’ve been taught you whole life and think that they define you. See, the “rules” we’ve been taught since day-one are more guidelines than anything. By definition, GUIDElines try to guide, or lead, us somewhere – so where is that?

The laws by which most live their lives direct them towards a life of self-sacrifice, timidity, discretion, and safety. We’re told that self-actualization – that being the “best you possible” – involves putting others first. We’re taught that offending someone or speaking frankly is in “bad taste” or “rude.”

Yet those who are happiest are always those who are satisfied with themselves – those who seek internally, not externally, for gratification.


So when I tell you: “be yourself,” I do not mean to “go do what society tells you to do;” I mean “go do what makes YOU happy.

As soon as you put your needs in front of the desires and whims of others all kinds of wonderful things will become possible.

For example, many guys go up to talk to a girl, and, in the interest of not offending her, play it safe. They talk about boring things that stimulate no emotional responses. They put on a filter in an effort to please the girl.

Now, that safe guy may get a girl’s phone number out of pity, or – if she’s drunk enough and he’s cute enough – maybe a kiss. But is that what he WANTS?

No. He wants more than that – he wants a second date or a same-night-lay. So, while an onlooker might say – “Wow, he was himself! He was polite and nice and got her number! What a winner!”

Internally, he has failed. He has fallen short of his goal – which is the mostimportant goal – just to satiate a STRANGER. He owes her nothing, yet he’s given her everything.

Here’s a counter-example: a guy who does only what he wants to do walks up to a girl.

Since his end goal is, in this case, sex, he wastes no time befriending her. Instead, he asserts his role as the man by dictating the interaction and taking responsibility. He understands that he cannot merely entertain her for an hour or two or three and wait for her to spontaneously fuck him. He knows that if he’s going to get what he wants – what they both truly want – he has to be consistent with himself and his manhood.

So, he cut’s the crap and asks her something jarring – something people don’t usually ask – he asks her if she believes in god. Now, right away, she knows this guy is not her regular safe, pretty boy – he’s a man. She knows this for one reason and one reason only: she actually feels something. She actually has an emotion.

She shutters a bit, not knowing what the polite response is. He then tells her to be real with him – knocking down her wall of politeness – yes, both girls and guys have them. At this point, she’s raw, but not in a bad way. In a way that makes her feel like a bird, free from judgment. She is finally able to be herself. And she loves himfor it.

This continues; and as they talk, he gives her more and varying emotions; something no one has done for her since her last boyfriend – the last guy who could make her feel love and hate and envy and fear and excitement and anger all at once.

The last guy she made love to.

And now she’s met another guy who can make her feel, but this time it’s different – it didn’t take days or months or years – it took minutes, seconds even. All because he pursued what he wanted and took down his wall, letting her take down hers.

Approaching during the day takes a certain type of moxie.

See, girls don’t do day game. The only time they expect to meet anyone new – especially a potential partner – is at night.

I’ve found a lot of success during the day by exploiting this fact – by being sincere and pleasant. By giving them a refreshing few minutes that they weren’t expecting. By giving them something to talk about later when they talk to their friends.

Usually “hi” works pretty well.

Try to say hi to everyone you walk past today; you’ll be surprised by how receptive people are.

Welcome to the new Teen Game.

With this fourth version of the TG site, I wanted to try something a little different – with a greater emphasis placed on community.

As you may know, The Community, formerly known as ‘the Teen Game community’ (circa 2009), became the defining characteristic of my social dyanamics franchise. The Community quickly outgrew it’s parent site, driving thousands of posts and over a million views each year.

When it came time for the site to close, many questioned my motivations.

The sad fact was that The Community had ceased to be a community. It changed from a forum of discussion to a battleground. It lost its purpose.

The new Teen Game – which focuses primarliy on true self-exploration and improvement – will be small, tight-knit, and fast. The live search at the top, quick views of each post’s title, and immediate access to discussion will foster a new breed of social dynamics ideation, with a greater emphasis on support and innovation.

For this BETA site, it will be invite only.

To apply for an invitation, contact me at:

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